what is steganography and how is it works with software

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Steganography is the process of hiding data in other types of data such as images or text files. The most popular method of hiding data in files is to utilize graphic images as hiding places. Attackers can embed any information in a graphic file using steganography. The hacker can hide directions on making a bomb, a secret bank account number, or answers to a test. Any text imaginable can be hidden in an image. In Exercise you will use Image Hide to hide text within an image. what is steganography and how is it works with software

Image Steganography

In image steganographyl hidden information can be kept in different formats of image such as PNG, JPG, BMP, etc. The basic technique behind image steganography is, the tool used for image steganography replaces redundant bits of the image in the message. This replacement is done in a way thta it cannot be detected by human eye. You can perform image steganography by different techniques like :

  • Least significant Bit insertion 
  • Masking and filtering
  • Algorithm and Transformation

Tools for steganography


Image Steganography 

Here's we will use a software for hiding a any kind of text in image and after this we will stegano analyze. so, first you have to download Quickstego software.

Step 1 :-  OPen quickstego application.

Step 2 :- Uplaod an Image. This image is term as Cover ,  as it will hide the text.

Step 3 :-  Enter the text OR Uplaod text file.

Step 4 :- click hide text button and then save image.

This saved image containing hidden information is termed as stego object.

Recover Data From Image Steganography using QuickStego

Step 1 :- open Quick Stego

Step 2 :- Click Get Text

Step 3 :-  open and compare both images.


Steganalyis is an analysis of suspected information using steganography techniques to discover the retrieve the hidden information; Steganalysis inspects if any image is containing encrypted data. Accuracy, Efficiency, and noisy samples are the great challange of steganalysis to detect the encrypted data.

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