17 tips how to land your first cyber security job

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17 tips on how will you get The first cyber security job

Tip 1 : Develop The Right Attitude

It is unlikely that you will be a competent penetration tester if you are not passionate about IT security and Technology.

Tip 2 : Curiosity is Key

Being curious makes your mind achieve instead of passive!
Curiosity trains your mind to be more observant to new concepts.

Tip 3 : Develop Technical Prowess

Penetration testing is an extremely technical discipline.you must be able to understand not only how technology work at a low level but you must also be able to subvert controls in a repeatable and methodical way, and learn constantly as new software and hardware updates are released.

Tip 4 : master popular hacking tools

there are plenty of inexpensive for free online resources to gain basic knowledge around testing and using the tools. Your mastery of these hacking tools will move you up to a level.

Tip 5 : become a Kali Linux power user

There were over 250 penetration testing tools contained within Kali Linux. v highly recommended attitude Kali Linux installation is hard, rather than using a virtual machine.

Tip 6 : become a code monkey

the ability to write code or program is always an advantage and it certainly will help you understand web application.

Tip 7 : find bugs

bug bounty and excellent way to prove your skills and prowess with sites such as "bugcrowd" Paying sizeable amounts to their best bug Hunters.

Tip 8 : join newsletters and read blogs

Here are some newsletters that you should consider signing up to.

Tip 9 : Get involved in your local community

Tip 10 : take part in competitions.

Tip 11 : create a home lab

Tip 12 : participate in open source projects

Tip 13 : Brush up on your written skills

Tip 14 : attend cyber security conferences and volunteer.

Tip 15 : learn Linux

Tip 16 : Join government sponsored in initiatives

Tip 17 : get work experience

Start your own consultancy. Even if it is a part-time security penetration testing consultancy. aaj to friends and family daughter and their own businesses if you can adult their networks and computer systems.

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