CEH v10 Collect Location Information About Target

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CEH v10 Collect Location Information About Target

After collection of basic information through se4arch engines and different services like Netcraft and Shodan. You can collect local information like the physical location of headquarters with the surrounding, the location of branch offices and other related infromation from online locationand map services. CEH v10 Collect Location Information About Target

Information such as physical location of the organization plays a vital role in the hacking process. The information can be obtained using the footprinting technique. In addition to physical location. We can alos collect information such as surrounding public WiFi hotspots that may prove to be a way to break into the target organization's network. Use Google Earth tool to get the physical location of the target. Attackers can use this information to gain unauthorized access to building, wired and wireless networks, systems and so on. CEH v10 PDF

Tools for finding the geographical location


Google Earth

Google Earth is a valuable tool for hacking that allows you to find the location point and zoom into that location to explode you can able access 3D images that depict most of the earth in high resolution detail.

URL https://www.google.com/earth/

Google Maps

Google Maps provider street, view feature that provides you with a series of images of buildings as well as its surrounding including Wi-Fi networks
attackers May use Google Maps to find or locate entrance to buildings security cameras Gates places to hide week sports in perimeter sensors and utility resources like electricity connection to measure distance between different objects, etc.

URL https://www.google.com/maps/


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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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