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CEH v10 DNS Footprinting

CEH v10 DNS Footprinting

There are a lot of tools available for doing target footprinting, Spiderfoot, Maltego, and theHarvester to name a few. Unfortunately, I find something lacking in each of these tools. Spiderfoot and Maltego are too complicated for me. I really like the Unix philosophy of simple tools that do one thing well and both of these fall outside of that philosophy. TheHarvester fits much better into this philosophy but it also provides a lot of data I don’t want when doing network footprinting, like email addresses and shared hosts. CEH v10 DNS Footprinting

When I am trying to footprint a network I am often only given a domain name and I want to know DNS names and IP addresses associated with that domain name. In addition, I want to know about the network blocks those IP addresses belong to and other servers that may be in those network blocks. With that in mind I wrote the resolve.py Python script.

Attacker can gather DNS information to determine key hosts in the
network and can perform social engineering attacks.
DNS records provide important information about location and type of



DNS Interrogation Tools:


Video Tutorial :- 


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