CEH v10 Elements of information security

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CEH v10 Elements of information security

A word that is embeded in the mind of every youth in this modern period, and this words attracts these  youths so much that they cannot stop themselves and that is the word that and perhaps you will be the people from me who will get pleasure from inside by hearing the name hacking word and there will be many of you who want to become hackers, so in this modern era it it hacking. The word is very exciting.

so, in via this article website we will know about ethical hacking, I think currently version of Ethical Hacking is in 10 ( CEHv10 ) trend and since many people are involved in preparing for the exam, we want that through this article too you can increase your knowledge in many places and share your knowledge. CEH v10 Elements of information security

Elements Of Information Security

  • Confidentiality 
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Authenticity
  • Non-Repudiation


We want to make sure that our secret and senitive data is secure. Confidentiality means whenever we send a message to someone, the person in front who is authoritaive can read that message and no third person can read that message, then when we can say that he is confidentiality. CEH v10 Elements of information security


We do not want our data to be accesible or manipulated by unautorized persons. Data integrity ensures that only authorized parties can modify data.


Availability applies to system and data. If authorized person cannot get the data due to general network failure or denial of service ( DOS ) attack, then that is the problem as long as the business is concerned. It may also result in loss of revenues or recording some important results.


Authentication means that a company and a lot of workers work in this company, then those workers must have a password or a PIN to access the server to access that company's website ( Cpanel ) and then he enters his password in that server, when he is able to access then we can say that there is authenticity because in this we need password and that is called a authenticity.
And another example of authenticity is 2FA Two Factor Authorization.

CEH v10 Elements of information security


Non-Repudiation is one of the information assurance ( IA ) pillar which guarantees the information transmission & receiving between the sender and receiver via different techniques such as digital signatures and encryption. Non-Repudiation is the assurance the communication and its authenticity, so the sender cannot deny from what he sent. Similarly, the receiver cannot deny from receiving. Digital contractors, signature and email message use nonrepudiation techniques.

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Video Tutorial :-  CEH v10 Elements of information security

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