CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Terminologies

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CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacking Terminologies
CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacking Terminologies

A word that is embeded in the mind of every youth in this modern period, and this words attracts these  youths so much that they cannot stop themselves and that is the word that and perhaps you will be the people from me who will get pleasure from inside by hearing the name hacking word and there will be many of you who want to become hackers, so in this modern era it it hacking. The word is very exciting.

so, in via this article website we will know about ethical hacking, I think currently version of Ethical Hacking is in 10 ( CEHv10 ) trend and since many people are involved in preparing for the exam, we want that through this article too you can increase your knowledge in many places and share your knowledge. CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Terminologies

Ethical Hacking Terminologies 

Terminology in ethical hacking means that which term should be know about ethical hacking ? By the way, ethical hacking has a lot of terminology but we will learn about some terminology which is very important.

  1. Payload 
  2. Exploit
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Doxing
  5. Zero-Day-Attack
  6. Daisy chaining 
  7. Botnet


It's a part of message, In the security, like The payload may be of a part malware for destroy a any kind of system or the use of to create the backdoor in a system. Generally, a payload refers to a set of codes which a hacker designs according to his/her requirements


Exploit is a breach of security of  a system through vulnerabilities, Zero-Day-Attack or any other hacking techniques.


Vulnerabilities is weakness in any system or in any network, loopholes or a cause in any system or network which can be helpful and utilized by the attackers to go through it. Any vulnerabilities can be an entry point for them to reach the target.


The term doxing refers to publishing information or a set of information associated with an individual. This information is collected publicly, mostly from social media or other sources.


Zero-Day-Attack means suppose you have some software and if someone attacks that software before it is patched, then we call it Zero-Day-Attack.

Daisy Chaining 

Daisy chaining is a sequential process of several hacking or attacking attempts to gain access to network or systems, one after another, using the same information and the information obtained from the previous attempt.


The word Botnet is formed from the words ‘robot’ and ‘network’. Cybercriminals use special Trojan viruses to breach the security of several users’ computers, take control of each computer and organise all of the infected machines into a network of ‘bots’ that the criminal can remotely manage.

For example :- DDOS Attack ( Distributed Denial Of Service )

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