CEH v10 Information Security Controls

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Ethical Hacking and penetration testing are common terms, popular in information security environment for a long time. Increase in cybercrimes and hacking create a great challenge for security experts and analyst and regulations over the last decade. It is a popular war between hackers and security professionals. CEH v10 Ethical Hacking Concepts and scope

Fundamental challenges to these security experts are of finding weakness and deficiencies in running and upcoming systems, applications, software and addressing them proactively/. It is less costly to investigate proactively before an attack instead of investigating after falling into an attack, or while dealing with an atttack. For security aspect, prevention and protection, organizations have their penetration testing teams internally as well contracted outside professional experts when and if they are needed depending on the severity and scope of the attack.

CEH v10 Information Security Controls

Information Assurance, in short, know as IA, depends upon the components that are integrity, Availability, confidentiality, and Authenticity. With the combination of these components, assurance of information and informaion systems are ensured and protected during the processes, usage, storage, and commnication. These components are defined earlier in this chapter.  CEH v10 Information Security Controls

Elements Of Information Security

  • Confidentiality 
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Authenticity
  • Non-Repudiation

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Apart from these componenets, some methods and processes also help in the achievement of information assurance such as :-

  • Policies and processes.
  • Netork Authentication
  • User Authentication.
  • Network Vulneratbilites.
  • Identifying problems and resources.
  • Implementation of a plan for identified requirements.
  • Application of information assurance control.

Information Security Management Program

Information Security Management Programs are the programs that are specially designed to focus on reducing the risk and vulnerabilites towards information security environment to train the organization and user to work in the less vulnerable state. The information security management is a combined management solution to achieve the required level of information security using well-defined security policies, process of classification, reporting, and management and standard.

CEH v10 Information Security Controls

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