DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical

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So, Today in this blog i will going to show you DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical  then you can attack it from your kali linux operating system and through the windows application software of your windows. This method is used by me and i will do this attack on my personal device  so, i will not harm, first of all we know ....
Kali linux hacking tool

DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical

- DOS Attack
- DDOS Attack
- Difference between DOS and DDOS Attack
- Types of DOS Attack
- Protection
- Ping of Death
- Download and Run
- Disclaimer

DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical  by kumar Atul jaiswal

DOS Attack 

The full form of Dos is "denial of service", now its name itself tells a lot that it means refusal to give any service. So what is this service, why is it denied? You know in full detail. DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical

In Dos Attack, a hacker targets a website / network and generates so much traffic that the website / network does not know how to handle that traffic and eventually stops. In such a situation, all the real users of that website are not able to access the data available on the website.

Friends, every website or server has a limit on how many users it can handle at one time, but this attack is such that it generates a lot of traffic continuously and due to which the server becomes slow. And sometimes even crashes.

If we talk about the website / server, then you must have seen many times, some websites which have a lot of traffic are very slow. For example, websites that have the result of an exam, then a lot of people visit them at the same time and the website works a little slow. It is the limit of the website that it handles per second 1000 people. Can do, but if a Dos attack happens on this website, that means fake traffc starts coming on this website, then per second user will increase and finally the server may stop getting slow, in such a condition that real and Jitter is he will not be able to see your results.

So friends, we call it Dos Attack, in which sending fake traffc makes the server so busy that it stops being slow and real users of that website are not able to access the data.

DOS and DDOS attack explain with pratical  by kumar Atul jaiswal

DDOS Attack

The full form of DDOS is Distributed denial of service. It is also a DOS attack but it is a distributed attack. So friends, this is slightly different from Dos attack, because no single host / system attacks it alone, but many systems / computers attack together. Only one computer is not used in this attack. DDOS is thought to be quite thought out and dangerous attack.

In this attack, the hacker affects many systems around the world with his virus and creates a botnet. Or we can say that these computers which contain virus become robots of that hacker and do what the hacker says. So when the hacker creates a botnet, then using these systems, he simultaneously attacks DDos on a target website.

As we have known earlier, the server can handle traffic up to a limit at a time, but in DDOS ATTACK, the hacker orders his robots and generates a lot of fake traffic, due to which the website is down or completely closed. It happens.


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Difference Between DOS and DDOS

DOS :-  In this attack, a computer and an internet connection is used to attack a system or resource.

DDOS :- In DDOS attack, many abstract computers and many Internet connections are used to attack a resource or system. The computers used in this attack are called botnet.

DOS :- Denial of service attack can be prevented with proper security.

DDOS :- It is difficult to stop these attacks.

DOS :- The risk of loss in this attack is very low because most of them are used only to break online rules.

DDOS :-  There is a very high risk of damage in attacks because they are used to damage networks and systems.

DOS :-  Malware is not used in this.

DDOS :-  BOTNET consists of thousands of infected computers. Which contain malware and viruses.

Types of Dos Attack

Dos attack can be of two types: first DOS in which a host targets a website and second DDOS in which many hosts target and attack a website simultaneously. Friends, there are many methods to attack Dos which include
Ping of death
Buffer overflow
Syn attack

What is Ping of Death?

Friends, Ping is a command that is mainly used to check the availability of other networks. In this, a small data -packet is sent to another network, if that network is live then it sends the request back.
In Ping of death attack, we keep sending data -packets continuously, then a time comes when the server does not handle them and crashes.

what to do for protection?

Everyone is at risk of them. No one is safe from these attacks. In 2010, twitter, EA and other play-station networks became victims of D.DOS attacks. Due to which loss of crores of rupees.
Now you can think that if only such big companies are not safe then no one is there.

So, friends, let us start the practical dos attack. Before starting this, let me tell you that hacking is a crime, so for practical you should use your website or network.

Dwonload & Install

1) git clone

2) cd DDos-Attack

3) chmod +x

4) python


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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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