6 reasons why you can go crazy about Vim

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6 reasons why you can go crazy about Vim



6 reasons why you can go crazy about Vim

Vim is a text editor that is upwards compatible to Vi.  It can be used to edit all kinds of plain text.  It is especially useful for editing programs. There  are a lot of enhancements above Vi: multi level undo, multi windows and buffers, syntax highlighting, command line editing, filename completion, on-line help, visual selection, etc..  See ":help vi_diff.txt" for a summary of the differences between Vim and Vi.

While running Vim a lot of help can be obtained from the on-line help system, with the ":help" command.  See the ON-LINE HELP section below. Most often Vim is started to edit a single file with the command

vim file

Vim is one of the most popular text editors among Linux users. Why?

1 – It's fast & lightweight

Vim is one of the lightest text editor, it can be run in any Unix terminal - almost everywhere. On your PC, server, raspberry Pi etc. Same environment for code, browse logs, edit configuration files on all devices.

2 – It's everywhere

Vim is one of the most popular text editor for the last 40 years, so it has been implemented everywhere. Also community around Vim is huge.

3 – It's ergonomic

Vim has been think to keep your fingers on the median row (asdfghjkl). There is (almost) no Ctrl + … or Alt + …. One key for one action, as few combinations as possible. Once you know them typing becomes very comfortable.

4 – It's modal

It has 2 modes of operation: insert / command. When you type on keyboard in insert mode it writes. But if you escape the insert mode (by typing Esc) you can interact with the text. You can enter back insert mode by pressing the 'i' key.

5 – It's modern & multi-language

Vim is very powerful, it can do almost whatever task needed for text editing – code highlighting, tabs, split, spell checking…

There is also a lot of plugins to lint the code, validate the syntax, compile the code and more!

6 – It's free & opensource

Vim is an opensource project. It means you can extend it, create new features, and fully adjust to your needs.

Because it has been built by the community, for decades a lot of people have worked to create the best text editor ever.

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