IDOR exploitation misconfiguration

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IDOR, or Insecure Direct Object Reference, is the act of exploiting a misconfiguration in the way user input is handled, to access resources you wouldn't ordinarily be able to access. IDOR exploitation misconfiguration


Insecure direct object references (IDOR) are a type of access control vulnerability that arises when an application uses user-supplied input to access objects directly. The term IDOR was popularized by its appearance in the OWASP 2007 Top Ten. However, it is just one example of many access control implementation mistakes that can lead to access controls being circumvented. IDOR vulnerabilities are most commonly associated with horizontal privilege escalation, but they can also arise in relation to vertical privilege escalation.

For example, let's say we're logging into our bank account, and after correctly authenticating ourselves, we get taken to a URL like this On that page we can see all our important bank details, and a user would do whatever they needed to do and move along their way thinking nothing is wrong.

There is however a potentially huge problem here, a hacker may be able to change the account_number parameter to something else like 1235, and if the site is incorrectly configured, then he would have access to someone else's bank information.

We start off with an example page.

It makes enough sense, if you authenticate with the right user, you get to access that user's note.

If you have the wrong password, you get an incorrect password message. For our purposes the user is noot, and the password is test1234. Authenticating correctly, as expected takes us to our note.

However, as you may have picked up on, there seems to be an interesting part of the URL. It seems that the note that we can view is controlled by a URL parameter, let's check if we can access other notes, by increasing the number to 2.

Woohoo! We can access other's notes. While this may seem dramatic, exploiting this is the real world can have drastic consequences. Let's say you found an IDOR vulnerability in a note keeping site, which allowed you to access the notes of others, you could find plenty of personal details, like passwords, usernames, even credit card information.

There is no way to automatically exploit this, as the pentester you need to examine the site, and find misconfigurations.

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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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