Footprinting and reconnaissance via search engines google bing yahoo

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Footprinting and reconnaissance via search engines google bing yahoo

Footprinting is the technique to collect as much information as possible about the targeted system. It helps hackers in various ways to intrude an organization's system. This technique also determine the security posture of the target.

The collection of information may have gathered through publicly available personal information and sensitive information from any secret source. Typically, Footprinting & Reconnaissance is performing social engineering attacks, systems or network attack, or through any other technique. Active and passive methods of reconnaissance are also popular for gaining information of target directly or indirectly. The overall purpose of this phase is to keep interaction with the target to gain information without any detection or alerting. CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance information gathering

Footprinting Methodology is not a big deal to get information regarding anyone as the internet, social media , official websites and other resources have much information about their users which are not sensitive, but a collection of information may fulfil the requirements of an attacker and attacker can gather enough information by a little effort, Below are the most often techniques used by hackers :- CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology 

 Footprinting & Reconnaissance :- click here

 Footprinting Through Search Engines

The most basic option that is very responsive as well is footprinting through search engines. Search Engines extract the informaiton about an entity you have searched for from internet. You can open a web browser and through any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, for any organization. The result collects every available information on the internet. Footprinting and reconnaissance via search engines google bing yahoo

 *) Attackers use search engines to extract information about a target such as technology platforms, employee details, login pages, intranet portals, etc. which helps in performing social engineering and other types of advanced system attacks.

*) Search engine caches and internet archives may also provide sensitive information that has been removed from the World Wide Web (WWW).

 Footprinting By Wikipedia

For example, Search for mark zuckerberg shows the information about the American internet entrepreneur, philanthropist and the owner of  world top social site Facebook's platform. This information includes, he is known for co-founding Facebook, Inc. and serves as its chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder.[3][4] He also co-founded and is a board member of the solar sail spacecraft development project Breakthrough Starshot.[5]

Born in White Plains, New York, Zuckerberg attended Harvard University, where he launched the Facebook social networking service from his dormitory room on February 4, 2004, with college roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.[6] Originally launched to select college campuses, the site expanded rapidly and eventually beyond colleges, reaching one billion users by 2012 etc...

Apart from the publically available information, websites and search engines caches can also server the information that is not available, updated or modified on the offical websites.

Internet Archieves

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Footprinting and reconnaissance via search engines google bing yahoo

Footprinting and reconnaissance via search engines google bing yahoo

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