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CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology

CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology

Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology

Footprinting Methodology is not a big deal to get information regarding anyone as the internet, social media , official websites and other resources have much information about their users which are not sensitive, but a collection of information may fulfil the requirements of an attacker and attacker can gather enough information by a little effort, Below are the most often techniques used by hackers :- CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology 

Footprinting through search search engines
Footprinting through advance google hacking techniques
Footprinting through social networking sites
Footprinting through websites
Footprinting through email
Footprinting through competitve intelligence
Footprinting thourgh WHOIS
Footprinting through DNS
Footprinting through Network
Footprinting through social Engineering

CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Methodology

Footprinting through Search Engines

Attackers use search engines to extract information about a target such as technology platforms, employee details, login pages, intranet portals, etc. which helps in performing social engineering and other types of advanced system attacks. CEH v10 tutorial

Search engine caches and internet archives may also provide sensitive information that has been removed from the World Wide Web (WWW).


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