CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance information gathering

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Footprinting is the technique to collect as much information as possible about the targeted system. It helps hackers in various ways to intrude an organization's system. This technique also determine the security posture of the target.

The collection of information may have gathered through publicly available personal information and sensitive information from any secret source. Typically, Footprinting & Reconnaissance is performing social engineering attacks, systems or network attack, or through any other technique. Active and passive methods of reconnaissance are also popular for gaining information of target directly or indirectly. The overall purpose of this phase is to keep interaction with the target to gain information without any detection or alerting. CEH v10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance information gathering

There are two type of footprinting :

1) Active
2) Passive

1) Passive

The hacker is acquiring the information about target without interacting the target directly. An example of passive reconnaissance is public or social media searching for gaining information about the target.

In Active Reconnaissance, the hacker gaining information by acquiring the target directly. Examples of active reconnaissance are via calls, emails, help desk or technical department.

For example :- Nmap ( Network Mapper Tool )

Objectives of Footprinting

Collect Network Information:

Domain name
Internal domain names
Network blocks
IP addresses of the reachable systems
Rogue websites/private websites
TCP and UDP services running
Access control Mechanisms and ACL's
Networking protocols
VPN Points
IDSes running
Analog/digital telephone numbers
Authentication mechanisms
System Enumeration


Collect System Information:
User and group names
System banners
Routing tables
SNMP information
System architecture
Remote system type
System names

 Collect Organization's Information:
Employee details
Organization's website
Company directory
Location details
Address and phone numbers
Comments in HTML source code
Security policies implemented
Web server links relevant to the organization
Background of the organization
News articles
Press releases

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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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