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<h1>How To Update & Upgrade Kali Linux </h1>
<h3>The following article will provide the readers with information on how to update/upgrade Kali Linux system. </h3>
<h2><strong>Step 1 : </strong> Update Kali Linux </h2>
<p>To begin the update of your Kali Linux system first update the packages index list. Open up terminal and enter: </p>
<p><mark>$ apt-get update </mark></p>

<h3>Next, optionally, display all packages which are scheduled for update:</h3>

<p><mark>$ apt-get upgradept list --upgradable</mark</p>

<p>At this stage we have an option to upgrade individual packages using apt install PACKAGE-NAME or upgrade all packages at once:</p>

<p><mark>$ apt-get upgrade </mark></p>

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Kumar Atul Jaiswal at Hacking Truth</h>
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