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reaver WPS Cracker tool


Reaver WPS Cracker tool


Reaver is a popular open-source tool used for cracking Wi-Fi WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) keys. It's commonly used for penetration testing and security assessments to test the vulnerability of Wi-Fi networks. Reaver is pre-installed on Kali Linux, a popular Linux distribution for penetration testing and ethical hacking. However, it's important to note that using Reaver

Here are some basic instructions on how to use Reaver on Kali Linux:


Open a Terminal: Launch a terminal on your Kali Linux system.

2. Check Your Wi-Fi Adapter: Make sure your wireless network adapter supports monitor mode and packet injection. You can check your wireless interfaces by running:

cmd - iwconfig or ifconfig

reaver WPS Cracker tool

Look for your wireless adapter (e.g., wlan0) and make sure it supports monitor mode.

3. Put Your Wireless Adapter into Monitor Mode: Use the following command to put your wireless adapter into monitor mode (replace "wlan0" with your adapter's name):

cmd - airmon-ng start wlan0



reaver WPS Cracker tool



4. Identify the Target Network: Scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks to identify the target network's BSSID (MAC address) and channel:

cmd - airodump-ng wlan0mon



reaver WPS Cracker tool


5. We can check that the interface is in monitor mode by typing ifconfig. You will notice that the interface will have a mon at the end of its name. You may get a message that some services are interfering with your card when putting it into monitor mode. If this happens, simply run the following command:

cmd - airmon-ng check kill



reaver WPS Cracker tool

6. Once our interface is in monitor mode, we can now scan for nearby networks. We can do this with the following command:

cmd - wash -i wlan0mon

reaver WPS Cracker tool

This command will show us all available networks and whether these networks have WPS enabled.

7. Run Reaver: Now, you can use Reaver to attempt to crack the WPS PIN:

cmd - reaver -i wlan0mon -b [BSSID] -c [channel] -vv [verbose]

reaver WPS Cracker tool

Replace [BSSID] with the BSSID of the target network and [channel] with its channel number.

Let’s break this command down:

The -i tag is telling Reaver which interface we want to use for the attack

The -c tag is telling the tool which channel the Wi-Fi network we are targeting is on

The -b tag is the BSSID of the network we are targeting

The -vv tag is enabling verbose, which will tell us what the tool is doing

When this command is executed, Reaver will begin testing various PINs against the network.

Wait for the Attack: Reaver will start trying different PIN combinations. It may take some time, depending on the complexity of the PIN. When Reaver successfully recovers the WPS PIN, it will display the PIN on the screen.

Remember that using Reaver or similar tools on networks you do not have explicit permission to test is illegal and unethical. Always ensure you have the proper authorization and legal consent before attempting any security assessments or penetration tests. Unauthorized access to computer networks is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions.

Finally if you have done then you can stop these task.

cmd - sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

reaver WPS Cracker tool





All tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only and have been made using our own routers, servers, websites and other vulnerable free resources. we do not contain any illegal activity. We believe that ethical hacking, information security and cyber security should be familiar subjects to anyone using digital information and computers. Hacking Truth is against misuse of the information and we strongly suggest against it. Please regard the word hacking as ethical hacking or penetration testing every time this word is used. We do not promote, encourage, support or excite any illegal activity or hacking.



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