The python logic

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The python logic

The Secrets About python logic only a handful of people know

  • Python is a general purpose programming language that is often applied in scripting roles.
  • So, Python is programming language as well as scripting language.
  • Python is also called as Interpreted language 
  • Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need.
  • Too much freedom and nobody can read another's code; too little and expressiveness is endangered.

Python Program 


a = []

for i in range(10):
    a.append(i * ++i)
for a[i] in a:



  • There's is no meaning of ++ operator in python, it's only for confusion otherwise this is done just to confuse the user
  • (i * ++i) That's only equal to i square...
  • The A list will store the squares from 0 to 9.
  • Second for Loop ke different from first one
  • Here the for loop is used as the temporary variable a[i] Loop
  • Now at this point is i = 9
  • a[9] is the temporary variable for this for Loop is usable..
  • Printed by each value a[1]
  • It will print all these but when it comes to print a[9] then 9 which has been used as a temporary variable and it holds the value of 64 which is the value of a[8] so instead of a[9] will print 64 value.
  • Because
  • Since a[9] will be printed, then a[9] ke will already be assigned a[8]


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