Is Integrity a Myth lets check

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Is Integrity a Myth lets check


Is Integrity a Myth lets check


imagine what would happen if you were on your way office from home and your clothes were changed on the way without you even knowing it.

This is very strange question!! but if seen in the real sense, it matters a lot in the IT field that if someone is sending a message to someone else and that message can be changed or changed on the way, then what? When it is near the receiver, the message will be received from it.

So lets know one of the elements of security whose name is integrity!! which you may also know by the name of CIA Triad.



The CIA triad element of integrity is the condition where information is kept accurate and consistent unless authorized changes are made. It is possible for the information to change because of careless access and use, errors in the information system, or unauthorized access and use. In the CIA triad, integrity is maintained when the information remains unchanged during storage, transmission, and usage not involving modification to the information. Steps must be taken to ensure data cannot be altered by unauthorised people (for example, in a breach of confidentiality).


Many defences to ensure integrity can be put in place. Access control and rigorous authentication can help prevent authorized users from making unauthorized changes. Hash verifications and digital signatures can help ensure that transactions are authentic and that files have not been modified or corrupted.


lets check integrity via file python file transfer & md5sum -

First you check integrity of file via md5sum, command md5sum filename.

md5sum ftpscanner.rc

So, as you see this our integrity md5sum is afcae2f5a0aaf8c27da7f7bb78921310.

  • Sender Side

then for transfer this file to the receiver, via this command python3 -m http.server. and by default listening on 8000 port number.

  • Receiver Side

Now, we will use wget command for download any file from sender side or target machine side.

wget  -  Its a IP of sender or targeted machine IP address.

ftpscanner.rc - File name which we want to download.

If we check again file's integrity then you can via same md5sum command with filename.

If you are wondering how the elements inside the file will look if anything changes midway!! like integrity...

Sender side integrity and receiver side integrity both are dfferent...

look at this -




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