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IN today's exploration of cyber security tech news we've all seen the pictures coming out of ukraine of normal ordinary people taking up arms making molotov cocktails to defend themselves from the advancing russian forces but what you probably haven't heard of is the it army of ukraine set up just a few days ago by the ukrainian government.

it's made up entirely of volunteers volunteers which aren't just ukrainians but people all over the world with one mission to disrupt the computer systems of russian organizations and the russian government itself in this blog i want to explore how ukraine's it army came into existence and the other hacktivist organizations working alongside them so how did this it army come to be well in a recent blog i reported on the ukrainian government openly calling on the hakka undergrounds to defend against russia pleading with cyber criminals to put their skills to good use and volunteer for the ukrainian military side units judging from the google forms application page they were looking for people with skills such as social engineering malware analysis and threat intelligence well i can only imagine they were absolutely overwhelmed with responses because the day after this form went live on day three of the invasion a ukrainian government official tweeted we are creating an IT army.

we need digital talents we continue to fight on the cyber front he links the telegram channel and this has essentially become a hub for the ukrainian government to dish out operations to the over 270 thousand people that have joined and before we go any further i need to make it crystal clear as per blog's community guidelines i am not encouraging you to join in on the operations and involve yourself i'm merely documenting what's going on here so let's proceed their very first post says task 1.




we encourage you to use any vectors of cyber and DDOS attacks on these resources they then list a bunch of targets russian corporations banks and state organizations notice they're translating a lot of their posts into english for it specialists from other countries this raises some interesting questions as they're obviously encouraging people from outside ukraine to get involved.

Now non-ukrainians taking part of which there will be many are effectively breaking hacking laws in their home countries and what happens if a damaging hack is traced back to someone in a western country will russia see that as an act of aggression carried out by that country who knows we're in unchartered territory here i've been in this telegram channel for a few days now and every few hours a new list of targets is published here they're listing a bunch of belarusian websites a few hours later results many of the websites were knocked completely offline but at the end of the day DDOSing isn't hacking and taking random websites offline just isn't going to end the war so what's the real goal here well it seems to be as simple as cause as much chaos and inconvenience as possible just like many russian sports teams have been banned from competing in tournaments and many companies like apple have promised not to do business within russia screwing with russian websites is yet another thorn in russia's backside this cyber guerrilla warfare isn't going to change anything on its own.


But perhaps all the inconvenience cumulatively adds up and gets the attention maybe not of putin himself but rather ordinary russians but it isn't all just ddosing a bug bounty website hackenproof has launched an interesting bug bounty program on behalf of russian companies and government organizations they're encouraging people to find critical vulnerabilities in russian hosting providers telecoms aerospace infrastructure and so on their list of steps to get involved is simple select a russian propaganda or infrastructure website find critical vulnerabilities submit a report and then hackenproof will use their contacts to get the vulnerability into the good hands of ukrainian cyber forces who can then use those vulnerabilities in their own anti-russian operations so far over 300 reports have been made now bug bounty programs often have monetary incentives but this is purely voluntary other than this bug bounty program and the it army of ukraine several hacktivist groups have joined the fight i've covered several attacks from anonymous here on this channel and there's always some confusion in the comments whenever the topic of anonymous comes up.

So i just want to make it crystal clear anonymous is not a group in of itself anonymous is just a label hacktivists use when they don't want to create a group identity of their own think of it as an open source brand that anyone can use and so two anonymous hacks could have been carried out by completely different people who might not even speak the same language however there are some hacktivist groups with their own unique identities which have joined the cyber front here's a list of all of them that we know of i'll of course link the source for this list in the description and you'll notice most are on the pro-ukrainian side but some are pro-russian in fact i recently interviewed two groups on this list the pro-russian group the red bandits and the pro-ukrainian group against the west.

But i wanted to give you a quick bio of the pro ukrainians and more importantly the people behind it against the west or atw is a pro-ukrainian and pro-nato group i realize the name is kind of confusing they aren't against the west in the literal sense but after pwning an organization they'll say you were targeted because you're against the west that's the idea the group of six was founded after they lost their jobs due to covet now they were careful with what they told me but several of their members have experience in working for western intelligence agencies however they insist that they are not actively state sponsored in the past they focused on targeting china.

however since the war in ukraine kicked off that's where they've been focusing their efforts targeting large russian companies and leaking numerous data dumps to their telegram channel in the past day or so they were suspended from twitter and have since rebranded under blue hornet this whole cyber situation is incredibly strange government-backed cyber operations have always been top secret but now we have telegram channels run by governments listing enemy targets and saying give them hell we really are breaking new ground here if you find these updates on the ukrainian situation useful and insightful do make sure to drop me a sub as i'm putting these updates out every two days.

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