Bash Scripting IF with AND or OR logic

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In Linux, all tasks from execution of services to loading and unloading of modules are carried out by programs and all programs need to be executed. You use the commands to access all the basic features of kernel. Shell scripting is a way to automate such tasks, and bash is one of the language, that has capabilities enough to be called as scripting as well as a language that can be used for programming on the POSIX platform, for small tasks.  Bash Scripting IF with AND or OR logic


Using If Statement

You can use if condition with single or multiple conditions. Starting and ending block of this statement is define by ‘if’ and ‘fi’. Create a file named ‘’ with the following script to know the use if statement in bash. Here, 10 is assigned to the variable, n. if the value of $n is less than 10 then the output will be “It is a one digit number”, otherwise the output will be “It is a two digit number”. For comparison, ‘-lt’ is used here. For comparison, you can also use ‘-eq’ for equality, ‘-ne’ for not equality and ‘-gt’ for greater than in bash script.


if [ $n -lt 10 ];
echo "It is a one digit number"
echo "It is a two digit number"

Run the file with bash command.


Using if statement with AND logic:


Different types of logical conditions can be used in if statement with two or more conditions. How you can define multiple conditions in if statement using AND logic is shown in the following example. ‘&&’ is used to apply AND logic of if statement. Create a file named ‘’ to check the following code. Here, the value of username and password variables will be taken from the user and compared with ‘admin’ and ‘secret’. If both values match then the output will be “valid user”, otherwise the output will be “invalid user”.

echo "Enter username"
read username
echo "Enter password"
read password

if [[ ( $username == "admin" && $password == "secret" ) ]]; then
echo "valid user"
echo "invalid user"

Run the file with bash command.



Using if statement with OR logic:

‘||’ is used to define OR logic in if condition. Create a file named ‘’ with the following code to check the use of OR logic of if statement. Here, the value of n will be taken from the user. If the value is equal to 15 or 45 then the output will be “You won the game”, otherwise the output will be “You lost the game”.


echo "Enter any number"
read n

if [[ ( $n -eq 15 || $n  -eq 45 ) ]]
echo "You won the game"
echo "You lost the game"


Run the file with bash command.



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