host header injection explain with practical

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host header injection explain with practical

Let's talk about Host Header Attack

host header or value =
host header or value =
host header or value =

With XSS

host header or value ="><script>alert(32);</script>

In many cases, developers are trusting the HTTP host header value and using it to generate links, import scripts and even generate password resets links with its value. This is a very bad idea, becaus the HTTP host header can be controlled by an attacker. This can be exploited using web cache poisoning and by abusing alternative channels like password reset emails. host header injection explain with practical

host header injection exaplain with practical

It is common practice for the same server to host several website or web application on the same IP. This is why the host error exists, the host header specifies which website or web application should be process an incoming request. The web server uses a value of this header to dispatch the request to the specified websites or web application. Each web application hosted on the same IP address is commonly refered to the virtual host.

what happened if we specified invalid host header. Most web server are configured to path the unrecognized host header to the first virtual host in the list. There for its possible to  request with arbitrary  host to the first virtual host another way to bypass host header is to used x-desk or y-desk host. In the same configurable the header will be reject the value of the host header.


Arbitrary code

Arbitrary code means malicious software code that is written by the hacker, and which generally does bad things. ... It might take advantage of flaws in operating systems or even microprocessors to sneak the malware into buffers or caches, and then the bad software is run automatically.

so, let's take a example of the host header

Video Practical :- 


More Practical Soon...


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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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