Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool

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Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool

So today we will know about the open source tool that helps in find Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool. This tool is scripted in python language as you can tell -_- you can help us by subscribing to our youtube channel :. Kumar Atul Jaiswal .: before using the too.


h8mail is an email OSINT and breach hunting tool using different breach and reconnaissance services, or local breaches such as Troy Hunt's "Collection1" and the infamous "Breach Compilation" torrent. Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool


1) Email pattern matching (reg exp), useful for reading from other tool outputs.

2) Pass URLs to directly find and target emails in pages

3) Loosey patterns for local searchs ("john.smith", "evilcorp")

4)Painless install. Available through pip, only requires requests

5) Bulk file-reading for targeting

6) Output to CSV file

7) Compatible with the "Breach Compilation" torrent scripts

8)Search cleartext and compressed .gz files locally using multiprocessing

    cyclone Compatible with "Collection#1"

9) Get related emails

10) Chase related emails by adding them to the ongoing search

11) Supports premium lookup services for advanced users

12) Custom query premium APIs. Supports username, hash, ip, domain and password and more

13) Regroup breach results for all targets and methods

14)Includes option to hide passwords for demonstrations

15) Delicious colors

How To Install ?

Sudo pip3 install h8mail

For Help Command

h8mail  -h


1) Query for a single target

$ h8mail -t

 h8mail -t

 h8mail -t
 h8mail -t


Password Breach Hunting & Email OSINT tool


2)Query for list of targets, indicate config file for API keys, output to pwned_targets.csv

$ h8mail -t targets.txt -c config.ini -o pwned_targets.csv

3)Query a list of targets against local copy of the Breach Compilation, pass API keys for Snusbase from the command line

$ h8mail -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ -k "snusbase_url=$snusbase_url,snusbase_token=$snusbase_token"


4)Query without making API calls against local copy of the Breach Compilation

$ h8mail -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ -sk

5)Search every .gz file for targets found in targets.txt locally

$ h8mail -t targets.txt -gz /tmp/Collection1/ -sk

6)Check a cleartext dump for target. Add the next 10 related emails to targets to check. Read keys from CLI

$ h8mail -t -lb /tmp/4k_Combo.txt -ch 10 -k "hunterio=ABCDE123"

7)Query username. Read keys from CLI

$ h8mail -t JSmith89 -q username -k "" "dehashed_key=ABCDE123"

8)Query IP. Chase all related targets. Read keys from CLI

$ h8mail -t -q ip -c h8mail_config_priv.ini -ch 2 --power-chase

9)Fetch URL content (CLI + file). Target all found emails

$ h8mail -u "" "list_of_urls.txt"


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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

Video Tutorial :- SooN


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