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hping3 is a network tool able to send custom TCP/IP packets and to display target replies like ping program does with ICMP replies. hping3 handle fragmentation, arbitrary packets body and size and can be used in order to transfer files  encapsu‐ lated under supported protocols. Using hping3 you are able to perform at least the following stuff. how to install hping3 in linux

  • - Test firewall rules
  • - Advanced port scanning
  • - Test net performance using different protocols,- packet size, TOS (type of service) and fragmentation.
  • - Path MTU discovery
  • - Transferring files between even really fascist firewal rules.
  • - Traceroute-like under different protocols.
  • - Firewalk-like usage.
  • - Remote OS fingerprinting.
  • - TCP/IP stack auditing.
  • - A lot of others.

It's  also a good didactic tool to learn TCP/IP.

How To Install ?

Type apt-get install hping3 and press enter

For Help command

hping3 -h


-h --help
Show an help screen on standard output, so you can pipe to less.

-v --version
Show version information and API used to access to data link layer, linux sock packet or libpcap.

-c --count count
Stop  after  sending  (and  receiving)  count  response  packets.  After  last  packet  was  send hping3 wait COUN‐TREACHED_TIMEOUT seconds target host replies. You are able to tune COUNTREACHED_TIMEOUT editing hping2.h

-i --interval
Wait the specified number of seconds or micro seconds between sending each packet.  --interval X set wait to X sec‐
onds,  --interval  uX  set  wait  to X micro seconds.  The default is to wait one second between each packet. Using hping3 to transfer files tune this option is really important in order to increase transfer rate. Even using hping3 to perform idle/spoofing scanning you should tune this option, see HPING3-HOWTO for more information.

--fast Alias for -i u10000. Hping will send 10 packets for second.


hping3 -S -p 80

A nice feature is the “++”, which will increase the destination port in the packets by one. You can also press ‘ctrl+z’, instead of using ++, to increase the port number during the scan.


hping3 -S -p ++79

A spoofed scan of the server by the attacker

hping3 -a -S -p ++20

SYN flood attack

hping3 -a -S -p 80 –flood

UDP flood attack

hping3 –udp -S -p 80 –flood

ICMP flood attack

hping3 –icmp  -S -p 80 –flood

Random Source Attack

hping3 –rand-source  -S

Change TTL of packet

hping3 –ttl {value} -S {destination ip}

Limit Packet count

hping3 –count {no. of packet} -S {destination ip}

Scan Mode:

hping3 –scan 1-100 -S {target Ip}

Set Packet Flag

Set FIN flag

hping3 –fin -S {target ip}

Set SYN Flag
hping3 –syn -S {target ip}

Set RST flag
hping3 {target ip} –rst -S

Set PUSH flag
hping3 –push -S {target ip}

Set ACK flag
hping3 –ack -S {target ip}

Set URG flag
hping3 –urg -S {target ip}

hping3 –traceroute -S {target ip}

Verbose Mode:

hping3 -V -S {target ip}


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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

Video Tutorial :-  SooN


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