Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

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Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool 

So today we will know about the open source tool that helps in finding credentials reuse attack for any specific email address. This tool is scripted in python as you can tell -_- you can help us by subscribing to our youtube channel :. Kumar Atul Jaiswal .: before using the too.

You give Cr3dOv3r an email then it does two simple useful jobs with it:
- Search for public leaks for the email and returns the result with the most useful details about the leak (Using haveibeenpwned API) and tries to get the plain text passwords from leaks it find. Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Now you give it a password or a leaked password then it tries this credentials against some well-known websites (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google...), tells if the login successful and if there's captcha some where blocking our way!

How to install and use ?

Cr3dOv3r is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The tool requires Python3 to operate. Cr3dOv3r can be installed by cloning the package from github repository using the following command.

git clone

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Cr3dOv3r required packages can be installed using the following command. If you are running a Python version 3 and other than 2.7, replace the version according to your installed Python package in the following command.

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt  or win_requirements.txt

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Let's Run

Cr3dOv3r can be set into action using the following command but before lets see a help command :


python3 -h

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

The above command starts the tool and displays the available options that can be set as arguments in the commands.

Let’s find out if our targeted email address is misused or the associated password has appeared in any leaks.

Python3 –p <target email address >

Python3 –p < >

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

If there is no leak found publically, the tool asks for credentials (passwords) to perform a login attempt (registration check) for different well-known websites, this could be particularly useful for Red team engagements where credentials have been found elsewhere. If credentials are used somewhere else, they are displayed in the results as shown in the following screenshot.

Cr3d0v3r Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Cr3dOv3r is helpful in discovering the misuse of email addresses or leakage of the credentials. The tool not only finds the web applications where the targeted email address is used, but also looks for the plaintext passwords and whether they can be utilized within other accounts.

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- Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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