CEH v10 Ethical Hacking Concepts and scope

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CEH v10 Ethical Hacking Concepts and scope

CEH v10 Ethical Hacking Concepts and scope

Ethical Hacking and penetration testing are common terms, popular in information security environment for a long time. Increase in cybercrimes and hacking create a great challenge for security experts and analyst and regulations over the last decade. It is a popular war between hackers and security professionals. CEH v10 Ethical Hacking Concepts and scope

Fundamental challenges to these security experts are of finding weakness and deficiencies in running and upcoming systems, applications, software and addressing them proactively/. It is less costly to investigate proactively before an attack instead of investigating after falling into an attack, or while dealing with an atttack. For security aspect, prevention and protection, organizations have their penetration testing teams internally as well contracted outside professional experts when and if they are needed depending on the severity and scope of the attack.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking involves the use of hacking tools, tricks, and techniques to identify vulnerabilities so as to ensure system security. It focuses on simulating techniques used by attackers to verify the existence of exploitable vulnerabilities in the system security. Ethical hackers performs security assessment of their organization with the permission of concerned authorities.

Why Ethical Hacking is Necessary?

To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!
Ethical hacking is necessary as it allows to counter attacks from malicious hackers by anticipating methods used by them to break into a system.

Reasons why Organizations Recruit Ethical Hackers:

1) To prevent hackers from gaining access to organization's information.
2) To uncover vulnerabilities in systems and explore their potential as a risk.
3) To analyze and strengthen an organization's security posture including policies, network protection infrastructure, and end-user practices.

These aggressive and advanced attacks include :

1) Denial-of-Service Attacks
2) Manipulating of Data
3) Identity Theft
4) Vandalism
5) Credit Card Theft
6) Theft of Service

Scope and Limitations of Ethical Hacking


1) Ethical hacking is a crucial component of risk assessment, auditing, counter fraud, and information systems security best practices.

2) It is used to identify risks and highlight the remedial actions, and also reduces information and communications technology (ICT) costs by resolving those vulnerabilities.


1) However, unless the businesses first know what it is at that they are looking for and why they are hiring an outside vendor to hack systems in the first place, chances are there would not be much to gain from the experience.

2) An ethical hacker thus can only help the organization to better understand their security system, but it is up to the organization to place the right guards on the network.

Skills of an Ethical Hacker

Technical Skills:
1) Has in-depth knowledge of major operating environments, such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and Macintosh.
2) Has in-depth knowledge of networking concepts, technologies and related hardware and software.
3)Should be a computer expert adept at technical domains.
4) Has knowledge of security areas and related issues.
5) Has "high technical" knowledge to launch the sophisticated attacks.

Non-Technical Skills: 

1) Some of the non-technical characteristics of an ethical hacker include:
2) Ability to learn and adapt new technologies quickly.
3) Strong work ethics, and good problem solving and communication skills.
4) Committed to organization's security policies.
5) Awareness of local standards and laws.

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