The Easiest Metasploit Guide PDF book download

Hacking Truth

Metasploit Penetration Testing By Daniel Teixeira and abhinav Singh, Monika Agarwal

Set up a complete penetration testing environment using Metasploit and virtual machines

Master the world's leading penetration testing tool and use it in professional penetration testing. The Easiest Metasploit Guide PDF book download

Make the most of Metasploit with PostgreSQL, importing scan results, using workspaces, hosts, loot, notes, services, vulnerabilities, and exploit results

Use Metasploit with the Penetration Testing Execution Standard methodology

Use MSFvenom efficiently to generate payloads and backdoor files, and create shellcode

Leverage Metasploit's advanced options, upgrade sessions, use proxies, use Meterpreter sleep control, and change timeouts to be stealthy


Metasploit is the world's leading penetration testing tool and helps security and IT professionals find, exploit, and validate vulnerabilities. Metasploit allows penetration testing automation, password auditing, web application scanning, social engineering, post exploitation, evidence collection, and reporting. Metasploit's integration with InsightVM (or Nexpose), Nessus, OpenVas, and other vulnerability scanners provides a validation solution that simplifies vulnerability prioritization and remediation reporting. Teams can collaborate in Metasploit and present their findings in consolidated reports.

In this book, you will go through great recipes that will allow you to start using Metasploit effectively. With an ever increasing level of complexity, and covering everything from the fundamentals to more advanced features in Metasploit, this book is not just for beginners but also for professionals keen to master this awesome tool.

You will begin by building your lab environment, setting up Metasploit, and learning how to perform intelligence gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, and post exploitation—all inside Metasploit. You will learn how to create and customize payloads to evade anti-virus software and bypass an organization's defenses, exploit server vulnerabilities, attack client systems, compromise mobile phones, automate post exploitation, install backdoors, run keyloggers, highjack webcams, port public exploits to the framework, create your own modules, and much more.

Special focus on the latest operating systems, exploits, and penetration testing techniques
Learn new anti-virus evasion techniques and use Metasploit to evade countermeasures
Automate post exploitation with AutoRunScript
Exploit Android devices, record audio and video, send and read SMS, read call logs, and much more

Build and analyze Metasploit modules in Ruby
Integrate Metasploit with other penetration testing tools

Page Count               :-   389
Course Length          :-  11 hours 40 minutes
ISBN                         :- 9781788623179
Date Of Publication   :-    26 Feb 2018

Table of Contets

Metasploit Bootcamp_ The fastest way to learn Metasploit by Nipun jaswal

About This Book A fast-paced guide that will quickly enhance your penetration testing skills in just 7 days Carry out penetration testing in complex and highly-secured environments. Learn techniques to Integrate Metasploit with industry’s leading tools Who This Book Is For

If you are a penetration tester, ethical hacker, or security consultant who quickly wants to master the Metasploit framework and carry out advanced penetration testing in highly secured environments then, this book is for you.

Publisher    :-   Packt Publishing
Released     :-   May 25, 2017
ISBN           :-   9781788298209
Format        :-   Book PDF
Page count   :-   205


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