Email Spoofing How to send Fake Email Message

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How to send anonymous email ? how to send spoof email ? Today you are going to get answers to all your questions in this post. Because in this post today I will tell you what is Email Spoofing ? How to send Fake Email ?

What is Email Spoofing ?

Suppose you have a match in the name of Mark Zuckerberg and whose address is And in which it is written that your facebook account has
been locked for security reasons. please send your govt id proof within 3 days to unlock your account. So maybe you Understand real facebook mail and send it to your real id.
Email Spoofing  How to send Fake Email Message

So friends, the same thing happens in Email Spoofing, you can send mail to anyone from any fake email with any fake name. And mostly it is used to send email. More Email Due to lack of knowledge about spoofing, people consider it as real mail and login their account in it, and get hacked.

Hope you know by now what is Email Spoofing? So let's see how to send Fake Email? And how to find Fake Email and avoid Email Spoofing?

How to send Fake Email?

Step1: To send guys fake email, first of all you have to go to the website  and then some such page will open in front of you.

Step2: Now you have to fill this entire forum like this…

From Name:  In this, you have to enter the name, by which name you call sending mail.

From Email: Here you have to enter your fake email, the mail address from which you want to send mail

To: Enter the email of the person you want to send mail to.

Subject: Here you have to enter the subject of your mail.

Attachment: If you want to send a file to the victim with fake mail, then upload from here if you have simple text…

Content Type: If you want to send a simple text message, choose text / plain and if you want to send a message in an HTML format, then add color, table, fonts and choose text/html.

Text: Here you have to type any of your messages.

Captcha: Fill the captcha.

Then click on submit button.

Step3: In this, you also get the option to do some advanced setting, so if you click on Advanced Setting, then you will have some options open with this type.

Step4: So if you have a little bit of tech knowledge then you can use these advanced options. And you can do more advanced setting of your fake email, and you can change the date of your fake email, add header, cc, bcc, more…

Step5: After clicking on the Submit button, your mail will be successfully sent.

So guys, in this way you can send fake mail to anyone by email spoofing. hope now you know what is Email Spoofing? How to send Fake Email ? Let goNow let's see how to detect Fake Email and how to avoid Email Spoofing?

How to Fake Email Detection and Avoid Email Spoofing ?

Guys, you must have understood what Email Spoofing is? How to send Fake Email? But if you have a fake mail, how will you recognize it ? So friends, its very simple way, if you use gmail then whenever someone will send you fake mail with email spoofing, then instead of dp in that mail you have a question mark ?

There will be a show, and in which gmail will tell you that this is not a genuine mail, and can also be a spoof mail.So guys, in this way you can detect a fake (spoof) mail. And you can also protect yourself from being hacked. Although there are many ways to find fake mail but this is the simplest.
So friends hope you now understand what is Email Spoofing? How to send Fake Email? And how to find Fake Email and avoid Email Spoofing?

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