what is hacking ?

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What do you know about hacking? Do you think getting into someones facebook account or google account is called hacking?  No. Not really. In computer networking, Hacking is any technical
effort to manipulate behaviour of network Hacking is historically referred to constructive,
clever technical work that was not necessarilyrelated to computer systems.So when did hacking originate?. what is hacking

MIT engineers in s carried out some harmless technical experiments and fun learning activities.These were so called hacks.Before the internet, several hackers in US experimented with methods to modify telephonesfor making FREE long distance calls over the phone network illegally. As computer networking and internet exploded n popularity, data networks became the mostcommon target of hackers.Malicious attacks on computer networks are officially known as cracking, while hacking truly applies only to activites having good intentions.. .However, Most non technical people fail to make this distinction..  android hacking

about  hacking ?
Hacking on computer networks is often done through scripts or other network programming.. durThese programs generally manipulate data passing through a network connection in ways designed. dur.to obtain more information about how the target system works. Many such pre-packaged scripts. durare posted on the Internet for anyone, typically entry-level hackers, to use. More advanced. dur.hackers may study and modify these scripts to develop new methods. A few highly skilled. dur.hackers work for commercial firms with the job to protect that company#s software and. dur.data from outside hacking.. dur.Cracking techniques on networks include creating worms, initiating denial of service (DoS). dur.attacks, or establishing unauthorized remote access connections to a device.. dur.I will talk more about viruses, worms, dos attacks, etc on this channel.. dur.If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. For more such videos, just hit the subscribe. durbutton.
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