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So, Today in this blog i will going to show you how to install the-linux-choice-shell-phis in Kali Linux  then you can attack it from your kali linux operating system and through the termux application of your Android phone. This method is used by me and i will do this attack on my personal equipments  so, i will not harm anyone.so, first of all we know what is github ? what is Hacktronian ?  Installing and Run ?
how to use shellphish  shellphish tutorial

What is phishing ?

A phishing is a fraud to attempt to obtain sensitive information like username, password, credit, debit card, Bank information, Bank account numbers etc. details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site. Phishing is an example of social engineering technique being used to deceive users. shellphish apk shellphish tutorial

The way phishing works is that an attacker clones a trusted website or spoofs an email of a known target which leads the person to believe that he is visiting a trusted website like social media sites, e.g.,  shellphish github termux Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Google, Netflix, and so on. The target will then put his/her username and password on the malicious website (cloned website) and then the username and password will be sent to the attacker instead of the real website, and the target will be redirected to the real website. Let’s do a demo of phishing using shellphish. shellphish github download

Social Engineering 

Social engineering is a very interesting subject to think about, in this context, it is basically using the victim’s familiarity and habits against them. Human beings are creatures of habit, we are so used to certain things in our life that when faced with them, we don’t think twice before acting on them.

As an example; we are aware that there are a lot of attempts to by hackers to compromise social media accounts, so if one receives an email from your preferred social media site that there was an attempt to break into your account or an email to review your accounts security settings, most people will click on the link and log into their account to check what’s going on. A hacker will use this against a victim, all they need to do is swap a real link with a malicious one. Shellphish is probably one of the easiest ways to generate that malicious link. Let’s have a look. 

Requirements :

  • Kali Linux or Termux ( in android )
  • Serveo.net
  • ngrok 

Features :

Port Forwarding using Ngrok or serveo.net 
shellphish tutorial

  • How to install Shellphish ?

step 1 : - apt-get update
step 2 : - apt-get upgrade


step 3 : - git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/shellphish

Use this :- git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher.git




step 4 : - cd shellphish


step 5 : - ls


step 6 : - bash shellphis.sh









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Video Tutorial :- 


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